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Eric Moss: Gone Too Soon

Eric Moss: Gone Too Soon

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The Detroit community lost one of it’s most creative members recently and we’ve lost a friend. Eric Moss was a DJ, musician, actor and entrepreneur. He collaborated with Wink on a variety of projects and became an inspiration to us. Moss had what seemed like an inexhaustible amount of energy and determination, which, when coupled with his drive and creativity, allowed Eric to forge his own path. We feel a sense of loss not for his potential (as he was a “doer” in every sense of the word) but rather for the greater things we know he would have achieved. His bio, reprinted below and featured at ericmoss.net, provides a glimpse into this extraordinary individual’s life. May Eric Moss rest in peace.


With over 20 years of experience on stage and screen, Eric Moss is certainly no stranger to hard work and performing arts success. This accomplished singer, actor, model and DJ has been warming people’s hearts since his early childhood years. A member of the Screen Actors Guild since age 5, Moss has worked with the likes of Joseph Joubert, Marion Caffey, Jessica Wilson, Harold Parineau, and Ossie Davis amongst other talented performers. Moss has landed leading rolls in such performances as the Japanese tour of The Harlem Kid Symphony, numerous National Commercials, Industrial, and Independent films, and Print Ad Campaigns. Equally as impressive, Moss has performed with such musical institutions as Michigan Opera Theater and Studied and performed at Interlochen. In 1998 Eric decided to take a break from the rigors of the performance world to focus on both higher learning and valuable corporate lessons which resulted in immense professional cultivation. Moss earned a B.A.  with honors from American University in Marketing and Communications, and an Honors MFA from The New School University in Film Documentary, after which he went on to work for such companies as Sean Jean Clothing, The Truth Campaign and Booz Allen Hamilton. Recently Eric formed Moss Creative, a creative talent collective and event production agency that focuses on the commercial, fine art and digital industries. During Moss’ hiatus music never left Moss’ heart, however, he developed quite a talent as a DJ and spokesperson for national brands. With a new perspective, and incredibly inspired by his travels and life experiences, Moss returns to share his classy, smooth, buttery conscious music vibe with the world.